Education Beyond Traditional Hypnosis since 1999

Version 1.0 Revised

Distant Learning Course Contents

Certifications Upon Completion of all Course Requirements.
Ultra Depth® Practitioner
Ultra Depth® Relaxologist
Hypno-Anesthesia Practitioner

Digital or Downloadable Package

Basic or Core Ultra Depth® Process Program – Version 1.0 Revised 
Item: UD-01-DLCDL

This Distant Learning Course Includes: 
   ●   1 PDF Training Manual, 1 PDF Ethics Manual, 3 Video Files, 1 Audio File, PDF scripts, charts and exams.

Bonus item:
Ultra Depth® Relaxation – Audio File by James Ramey 
   ●   Free mentoring included – personally with James Ramey through the use of email, Skype or Viber.

Upon successful completion of all exams full certification is awarded as an Ultra Depth® Practitioner and an Hypno-Anesthesia Facilitator.

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Price: $394.99

Physical Package

Basic or Core Ultra Depth® Process Program – Version 1.0 Revised 
Item: UD-01-DLCPP

The training DVDs were filmed live, unrehearsed and unscripted in Sedona, Arizona.

The entire package includes the following:
   ●   Three DVD’s which provide you with over four hours of clear and concise video instructions with full and complete demonstrations of all techniques and the entire process in a step-by-step format. You not only learn how to but why each technique works. 
   ●   Training Manual includes: Two Pre-induction Exercises, Four Different Dave Elman Type Inductions, Effective Deepening Techniques, Somnambulism/Profound Somnambulism, Local Anesthesia, General Anesthesia,  Esdaile, Catatonic and Sichort States, Powerful Progressive Inductions, the Mind-To-Mind Healing Technique, the Computer Console Technique, the Cellular Re-Education Technique, the SkyWalker Technique,the Hallway of Doors Technique and the Warehouse Technique.
   ●   Exams: UD-01, and a three-part Final Exam which requires three case studies.
   ●   Student independent study form, charts, card stock of techniques and other important documents. 
   ●   Certification/Registration awarded upon successful completion of all exams and case studies as an Ultra Depth® Practitioner, and Hypno-Anesthesia Facilitator.

Bonus Item: 
   ●   Ultra Depth
® Relaxation CD – by James Ramey – value $34.99
   ●   Free mentoring included – personally with James Ramey through the use of email, Skype or Viber. 
After all of the exams and case studies have been successfully completed, full certification and registration will be awarded.  If you have taken the training in the past and would like a great reference video with all of the training materials, this package supplies everything. The DVD’s show the entire process, as James works with several individuals and conditions them. He then demonstrates both simple (partial) and complete amnesia, analgesia, local anesthesia and general anesthesia.  James demonstrates how to guide individuals into profound somnambulism, Esdaile, Catatonic and the Sichort States.  He shows and explains the entire process step-by-step, as you progress throughout each of the DVD’s and follow along in the training manual.

Price: $694.99

Free: Basic Ultra Depth


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